Advanced Brightening Serum bottle for melasma with botanical ingredients

Who We Are.

Rute Elements is founded by a registered nurse and breast cancer survivor living with a skin condition known as Melasma.  Her perspective on skin health and wellness is viewed from many perspectives.  She believes in the importance of an integrative approach to clinically effective skincare, backed by science and designed with the purest, most effective organic and natural ingredients.  

As a breast cancer survivor, she searched for cleaner, healthier and more effective skincare products to improve the appearance of skin hyperpigmentation. Despite her efforts, she couldn't find anything up to her standards of purity, performance, and safety. This inspired her to develop a custom formula for herself, and other women and men who desire multi-functional skincare.  The journey of designing the high performing skincare product became the seed that eventually sprouted as Rute Elements.

Rute Elements products are beautifully crafted from the most powerfully effective elements from nature.

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The Goal.

A community for anyone who struggles with skincare issues.  A place to share their skin care journey.  From frustration to happy improvements, we understand the personal and emotional struggles living with melasma, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, acne and other skin related conditions. This is a space for anyone living with or who has had a cancer diagnosis.  This is a space for those who want to make a lifestyle change to be more thoughtful about ingredients in their personal care and home products.  This is a space for those who want to do their part for humanity and environmental change.

We are proud to support cancer research and donate a portion of each product sale to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. We believe more awareness and change in personal care safety is necessary.  We support the The Safe Cosmetic and Personal Care Products Act, and The Humane Cosmetics Act in the United States. Both Acts are paving the way for safer cosmetics manufacturing and are helping to phase out animal testing of cosmetics in the United States.

We are 100% human-tested and Leaping Bunny Certified.   

A Note From Our Founder.

I created Rute Elements skincare simply because I wanted something I could not find in current skincare products. I looked for multi-functional and complex, natural and organic skincare, thoughtfully formulated for someone like myself, who struggles with skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation caused by melasma, spends time and money testing and trying many skincare treatments with unsatisfying results, was diagnosed with breast cancer or other forms of cancer looking for safer ingredients in their personal care products, and for any discerning person who simply wants clean and luxurious skin care products without compromise.

I developed the Advanced Brightening Serum as the single most important serum for everyday use. It provides nourishment to the skin's integrity and improves overall skin wellness with the highest quality bioactive ingredients I trust with my health.

Rute Elements skincare is a professional line, backed by science, and supported by clinically validated effectiveness.  Our products are made without harsh chemicals, hormone-disrupting or known carcinogenic ingredients. 

The ingredients in skincare products matter and I believe we should never have to compromise health to have beautiful skin.  


Dawn Swartwood  - Founder, Registered Nurse, Cancer Survivor 

I love this product and company. I’ve found that there are a lot of companies that just want to sell a product, but this company was built with heart and soul. I’ve used this serum for months and so happy with it that I finally found the right brightening for me. I’ve spent so much money and time with different products, and I need four different ones to get the same ingredients that I get in this one. This works wonders on dark spots, probably better than any other dark spot corrector that I have used in the past. It feels light on your skin and absorbs quickly so you can apply moisturizer on immediately after. My skin tone looks amazing.
This company truly cares about using only the best ingredients in their products and I can tell; my skin is radiant and sun damage is seeming to fade, helping my skin look more balanced and even.
I have a lot of past acne damage and using this product is helping to balance out some of the discoloration. I apply it before putting my makeup on each day and it really helps absorb moisture without feeling or looking greasy. It's lightweight, hydrating and is healing my skin.
This is my favorite all-in-one vegan, cruelty free botanical serum.
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